Kieran Morgan

A self proclaimed Techie at heart, I began my love affair with photography with a simple need to know how stuff works. Anything that has a power button requires further investigation.

My obsession with technology is virtually parallel to my love of Art, so for me, photography is the perfect kitchen for my creative hunger.

I try to use both my Artistic and Technical angles when capturing anything. The lines in your face and the lines in your building both deserve the attention to detail I thrive on. My favorite subjects have always been people and I am very drawn to candid journalism with an editorial edge.

I currently live in Portland Oregon with my wife and daughter, who make it very easy for me to capture beauty on a daily basis. They inspire me to be as great as they think I am.

I am fortunate enough to have a few local friends in the photography scene that inspire me, as well as a number of photographers I can only admire and learn from over the interwebs.

Speaking of interwebs, you can find me at some spots below as well. 

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