Megan & Dennis : Portland : OR

Megan and Dennis are such a delight. Sometimes you meet a couple that makes so much sense together you can't imagine any other reality. From their friends readings of Carl Segan and The Princess Bride to their amazing details that they hand crafted themselves. Megan and Dennis perfectly spun a hilarious and cerebral thread through their romantic day. I was happy to be a part of the experience and as particular as they are...I was flattered.

Did I mention they even designed a website for the event? Now I did.

Jesse & Abby : Tucson : AZ

Jesse and Abby have such a great energy. Young love, full of promise. I love when couples have meaningful things they would like me to capture for them, and Abby's childhood room was a perfect example of this. A lovely couple, doting family, happy friends and even a desert sunset to finish it off. Hashtag mademyjobeasy

Nicole & Brandon : Tucson : AZ

Nicole was my first Senior Portrait session guinea pig, and I've known her since she was a baby, so this shoot was near and dear to my heart. Their wedding was such a celebration. You could just feel how happy we all were for them. Their location was so charming. They went for the First Look, which always makes me happy; I always get the most relaxed, intimate Formal shots when we do a First Look, and Brandon and Nicole were amazing. I tried to capture the essence of the Old Pueblo without forsaking Nicole's classic style, but as I shot the image of her by the navajo blanket, I realized you could never have one without the other. Truly such a beautiful, happy day. 

Caleb & Brooke : Skamania : Stevenson : WA

When I think about Caleb and Brooke's wedding day, two words come to mind. Comfortable and Joyous. These guys love each other, but they also share a friendship thats palatable. Their reception was one of the most personal I've ever had the honor to witness, as a photographer or otherwise. Their details were thoughtful, their families overjoyed, and even the lighting was glorious.

Brittany & Logan : Portland : Wedding

Once in a while, every little thing cooperates for a photo shoot. Exhibit A. :) Of course Brittany and Logan are extremely good looking; that goes without saying. But also photogenic? You would think the two are synonymous, but sadly that is not the case. These guys look good AND the camera loves them. 

Because the sun sets early in our Northwest Winters, Brittany and Logan opted to see each other before the ceremony. Photogenic, Attractive, AND a First Look? I'm not sure this story can get any sweeter for me. We were able to capture some beautiful moments for them as we walked the streets of Downtown Portland, keep the dress clean, and got back in time for the ceremony with everything still camera ready and intact. Lovely. 

The ceremony was beautiful, the reception, bangin. Photo Wall? Yes please. 

Congratulations, guys. It was truly a pleasure.