Brittany & Logan : Portland : Wedding

Once in a while, every little thing cooperates for a photo shoot. Exhibit A. :) Of course Brittany and Logan are extremely good looking; that goes without saying. But also photogenic? You would think the two are synonymous, but sadly that is not the case. These guys look good AND the camera loves them. 

Because the sun sets early in our Northwest Winters, Brittany and Logan opted to see each other before the ceremony. Photogenic, Attractive, AND a First Look? I'm not sure this story can get any sweeter for me. We were able to capture some beautiful moments for them as we walked the streets of Downtown Portland, keep the dress clean, and got back in time for the ceremony with everything still camera ready and intact. Lovely. 

The ceremony was beautiful, the reception, bangin. Photo Wall? Yes please. 

Congratulations, guys. It was truly a pleasure.